The Southsider is a refinement of the carved top electric guitar and has been making waves in the boutique guitar scene for its fresh take on classic electric tone.  Aged hand selected master grade tone woods and reimagined ergonomics combine to offer a comfortable yet unique and refreshing feel.  This guitar is rich and responsive, with a strong dynamic range available across the whole register.  The custom humbucker pickups are hand wound in house and crafted specifically for this instrument.



1 11/16 nut

2 1/16 Bridge

Shallow C neck Carve

Gotoh  Tuners

Stainless Steel Frets

Bone Nut

1” long studs and bushings

TonePros Bridge and Gotoh tailpiece

Custom Thorell handmade  Humbuckers in a Nickel Cover

Black plated Metal pickup rings and knobs

Super thin lacquer  finish

Double tone and volume with a three way switch

Unbleached bone nut

Eastern Curly Rock Maple top plate and neck

Quartersawn Aged Poplar back

Ebony Fretboard and Headstock cap

Rosewood headstock backpiece

Thumbnail carve on back of  guitar




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