The Corina is one of our most popular and comfortable acoustic guitars. It has a dry, open, tone but very clearly voiced. Its unique take on the traditional x-brace allow the Corina to respond more fully with remarkable sustain and tone quality – especially in the upper register. These characteristics make the Corina a wonderful choice for a wide range of musical genres. In addition, this guitar is an ideal model for customization. There is a wide range of woods that compliment its size and construction. The neck can be tailored to each individual’s desired width, shape and scale as well. For information on customization options and pricing, please contact me.

The first clip is Frank showing off his flatpicking virtuosity on the great traditional tune Shady Grove. I love the lyric quality that his solo carries. This is very rare for flattops, there is no loss of fullness when flatpicked across the whole register of the guitar. The Second video, too much information, is an original composition by Austin Weyand, and one of my favorite fingerstyle guitar pieces. The I chose this to showcase the pianistic qualities of the guitar, but I am sure you will enjoy Austins fun sense of rhythm and harmony.

Here is Austin playing Muneca

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