This fun guitar was built to showcase my building style at the Montreal Guitar Show, the guitar is currently owned and played by a man who has been one of my favorite guitarists since I was 13 years old,  Mr. Josh Payne. I aquired these unbelievable 1″ thick archtop back sets of figured Maccassar Ebony, this was the first guitar that I had built with the wood and it turned out gorgeous! Pictures really don’t do it justice, there is so much
depth and variation to the chocolate tones swirling through the rich black.  The soundboard was carve from a 3 inch thick billet solid one piece Lutz Spruce. I decided to use the extra thickness to carve in an armrest bevel so the soundboard just cascades over the lowerbout shoulder. The benefit of this is an extention of the lower bout on the bass side instead of a retraction of it like in the Ryan/Laskin style bevels.
The sound is remarkably true blue vintage archtop with a rich and vibrant
acoustic tone at the heart. I was lucky enough to have the great
guitarist Paul Asbell play the guitar at the Guitar Show. He played
brilliantly, and really found the guitars home base. I wrote him after the
show (to ask for permission to use the killer video clips I link to down
below) and this is what he told me about the guitar:

_”It’s funny, but what I preliminarily said about the archtop sounding
“authentic” to older blues styles like the Broonzy tune is really borne out
by that recording. I really LOVE the way that guitar sounds! I hope i get
another opportunity to play it someday…” Paul Asbell_


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