The Red Sky Deluxe is vintage hotrod beauty under the hood,  brought into the 21st century with contemerary playability,  more stable design,  and stylings. Based on studies of several fine examples of  Loar Era L5’s this guitar has a wonderful acoustic punch and drive. Equally at home in any acoustic guitar environment, this guitar is bluesy, jazzy, folky, with bite, and thump. Just a killer no filler archtop fully steeped in the traditional Lloyd Loar design. It is built with a variety of different woods, as we love to experiment with alternative combinations. The standard is the finest spruce and maple we can source.
The optional pickup system is handmade by Ryan Thorell. A De’Armond inspired pickup with gold polepieces encased in an ebony shell. It has a fully height adjustable brass base plate for easy positioning, and a fully shielded control cavity on the base of the pickguard with position corrected undermount pots. The fingerjointed tailpiece houses a string ground and an easy removal of the tailpiece for repair. The tailpiece is fine tuned to add just the right tone and springy reflex to the strings. The bridge is hand carved and features hand knurled ebony thumbwheels with brass inserts for easy height adjustment. The slightly triangulated bridge base yields a better bass reflex on the soundboard while still keeping its vintage inspiration.
The Red Sky Deluxe comes standard as a non-cutaway 14 fret  unamplified instrument. It has plenty of volume to function acoustically in bluegrass or americana ensembles as well as Jazz settings.  The guitar is shown here with an optional binding bevel cutaway as well as the pickup system.

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