This beautiful model was originally commissioned by a client and born of a desire to create a guitar that would combine the drive and thump of an archtop, the warmth and depth of a nylon, and the breathy- throaty sustain of a Selmer-Maccaferri. The result is amazing! The Gianina boasts unique bracing and graduation, designed by Ryan, to generate tonal quality that is an exciting extraction of the above guitars. The top is made of aged hand-selected spruce and the back and sides are European maple. Its aesthetic quality is striking; rich, dark Cocobolo and black ebony is contrasted against the lightness of spruce and maple. The neck is slightly narrower than a classical guitar at 1 7/8”. The Gianina’s action and playability are very smooth, making it a great choice for fingerstyle or plectrum playing.

I recently have been experimenting with other wood choices for Gianina, and I purchased a number of gorgeous full thickness Maccassar Ebony Archtop sets. I don’t think I will ever see these again and I think the tone would be amazing for this guitar, so if you are interested in more information before they are gone.

Here are some great video clips of the Gianina being played both fingerstyle and with a pick.

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