“I have been playing guitar for close to forty years now. The first 20 years, I was playing on a 58 D’Angelico New Yorker. The next 20 years on Benedetto’s. From now on I play the new FV model built by Ryan Thorell. It produces the tone I want and the feel and look are so artful.” -Frank Vignola

This groundbreaking guitar brings the beautiful clarity and immediacy of the Viennese guitar tradition into contemporary archtop design. This guitar was designed in collaboration with guitarist Frank Vignola to showcase the unique vision and style he is renowned for. The soundboard is carved from a much thinner plate than typically is used for archtop guitars, allowing for a lower break angle tension at the bridge and the unique hybrid bracing style used on this and the Thorell Gianina models. The back is then carved from a standard 1” thick mahogany plate. The resulting guitar’s sound ranges from very woody and sweet with strong picking attacks to dark and mellow with a light approach. There is an overall open quality to the tone that gives the guitar a very relaxed feel.

There are SOOO MANY great videos of Frank doing his tasty and amazing thing on youtube. These are some of my favorites, but take some time and surf around there is some great stuff. Also visit his website www.frankvignola.com for some of the best media and merchandise money can buy! These first two videos were chosen to show off the lyrical qualities of the guitar.

These videos were chosen to give a sense of the great rythemic and acoustic qualities of the guitar.


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