Thorell and Vignola team up at SLC’s Capitol Theater!

Frank was in town a couple of weeks ago at one of my favorite venues in Salt Lake City, The Capitol Theater.  First off, he killed! It was a tightly performed and amazing show. If you have a chance to see them perform live you should not miss it. Secondly the sound in that theater was top notch, full and beautiful and the hall was responsive enough to add that natural acoustic ambiance.  It was one of the most fulfilling shows I have seen in a long time.  I had a large display set up in the lobby, featuring 10 of my guitars, all different models, the most guitars I have ever displayed at a show to date. It was a very cool experience for me to see that many of my guitars sitting next to one another.  I featured a new Guardsman jumbo flattop which was inlaid with an organic looking vine design based around local native plants.  There was also a new all mahogany model single o style guitar, that will become part of the roster shortly (that guitar sounds amazing!). It was a great show, and I really want to send out a big thank you to all of you who came out to support the show and check out my guitars!

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