The Sweet “E”

My take on the traditional archtop feel and sound,  is the model The Sweet “E”.  I am an avid fan of the archtop genre and great luthiers and guitars who have shaped its history and my life. I approach each and every one that I build with a desire to pay homage to the tradition, and an attitude that this is my opportunity to improvise and say something, hopefully, important (at the least make an honest artistic statement).  This latest build featured a play on the binding bevel that has deservedly become popular.  I had an idea to use the bevel to simulate a combination of two great cutaway shapes; a sharp venetian cutaway a la Selmer, and a Florentine cutaway. I wanted to combine also a very rich tobacco burst with an organic binding scheme, which led me to choose Bocote with maple and ebony lines.

This guitar is available for purchase from Rocker Guitars in San Fransisco, check my ordering page for their info. There are some great pics of the instrument in the front of the Sweet “E” gallery, if you are interested in talking about having me build one for you, give me a call or send an email. Thanks!



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