Getting ready for a festival is always chaotic. This summer especially, I have watched a lot of suns fall behind those Wellsville mountains from my workbench. I want to thank all of my wonderful clients for your spirit of fun and adventure and willingness to really do something unique. I have had such a wonderful time with the instruments lately. I really feel lucky. Not many artisans or artists in any field get the professional opportunity to follow thier vision or muse the way I have. I have had such stellar clients to work with and the experiences have been great, so thank you!

I have been really developing my 16″ archtop lately, it really is a powerhouse. So dynamic and responsive. The bass register, which is always touchy on archtops, I am really enjoying. It is balanced with the rest of the instrument, which is crucial with an archtop, yet it is rich and rev-ed up, opened up… This pic shows one of the instruments I am exhibitting at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival. This is the Sweet ‘E’ with a “16” body. A shape that, I initially developed when I designed the Gianina. This has now become the standard shape for my larger archtops. The other shape that is very popular of course is my 15″ which I feel I really cut my teeth on in the FV models. The binding and inlay on this guitar features Bocote, which is a gorgeous wood, and one of my favorites. And check out that cutaway, a cool take on the Ryan/Laskin armrest bevel, that meshes a florintine cutaway with the straight shouldered Venetian. then there is a thumb carve in the back of the neck making the upper access awesome. I will post some pics when the guitar is all done. I might have to keep this one, it feels soooo good. A good guitar feels like that; thousands of years of evolution have perfected you to hold this particular instrument, and together you will rock!

Thanks again, I am very humbled to have the opportunity to do what I do. I hope that my guitars are an expression of all of us and the times we share.

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