2011 FV Studio

This is the 2011 Frank Vignola Studio Model!

There a lot of subtle and strong refinements that make this revised model better than ever.
   -Standard Waverly Tuners
   -Standard Solid Headstock with optional slotted headstock.
   -Full fretboard length double carbon fiber reinforcement
   -Slightly thicker body depth with more drastic taper and a bent and carved soundboard. This refinement, gradually accomplished from a lot of experimentation, is found only on Thorell guitars.
   -An improved tone circuit with great vintage tone.
   -A fantastic parallelogram blade pickup built by Pete Biltoft
   -Now comes standard with Hiscox cases, extremely light and bulletproof, no need for fiberglass or carbon fiber. These are great!
   -This guitar is even lighter, more resonant, more responsive, and still great at avoiding feedback!
   -Still hand carved, made one at a time in a one man shop. Made just for you by me using the best of aged woods I can find!
   -As always, free custom ergonomic elements like string spacing and nut width, neck carve, etc.
   -May be tuned to be played with round wound, phosphor bronze or silk and steel strings. (Most commonly played with round wounds)

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